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M A N Y  H A T S

Mother and wife first and foremost.  An entrepreneur, hair stylist, educator and network marketer.  I have many titles but I  have a true passion for beauty.  


I received my BBA in Marketing and Advertising from Northwood University, worked in corporate America for 10 years, and have owned my own at home businesses in the beauty and fashion industry since 2011.  My specialty and passion is extensions, educating other stylists and most importantly, healthy beautiful hair.  Overall, making women feel empowered and confident is what I strive for. 


In 2017 we opened 2 Ten Salon & Studios in Willow Park, Texas in The Shops at Willow Park, August 2019 we were lucky enough to gain another space in The Shops near Parker County Brewery that houses our open concept  salon, and in December 2019, my husband opened IV SPOT (IVSPOTWP.COM).  Besides managing these businesses, I take care of my amazing clients and their extension needs.  I am also an educator for Hand Tied Halo Extension method and travel to teach and take one on one training sessions for other stylists wanting to learn this method.


 "I am pretty sure I started my life with some sort of beauty tool in my hand and later on I learned how to share whatever it was that I truly believed in.  For the past 7 years, I have been in the cosmetics and network marketing industry. I have very fond memories of sitting with my mom in her bathroom, watching her apply that blue eyeshadow like a pro!  I was inspired by her in the 80's and 90's and as I grew I found that as a woman, I could pretty much transform into whatever I wanted.  In my 30's is when I really found my stride and combined my Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Advertising with my love for the beauty industry into one business.


I am a  mom to twins, boy and girl, and married to my high school sweetheart and love of my life who all give me purpose and drive and are my biggest fans.

I am a  hair dresser, self-taught make up artist, a network marketing professional, mom, daughter...and a true believer in bringing back legendary customer service to consumers. I love working with all sorts of clients for so many reasons but most of all is the relationship building.  As of lately, I am passionate about hair and making women feel confident and beautiful, financial independence and freedom for myself and as many other women as I can help achieve that goal..... so whatever that looks like to someone, I want to help them reach that through their chosen path.  I am here to set people straight about making money and show the world that there IS a different way!"  - Ashley Bryan

To empower women to take control of their lives and feel beautiful through the cosmetology and network marketing industry.  Teach, lead and love each client while exercising artistic skill and to always gain new and exciting knowledge and techniques.


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