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Hand Tied & Other Sew In Extensions:

Hand Tied Hair Extensions are designed to be more natural and less detectable than any other hair extension system on the market. We combine the safest methods with the highest quality hair, to give you the best possible results


Hand Tied Wefts are flat hand sewn wefts of hair, machine tied hair is a little thicker at the base but last longer than a hand made product.  I use both, including flat or satin wefts.  I install rows with the natural shape of the head with beads using only your natural hair. Then I take wefts of extensions and sew these hand tied hair wefts to that natural row that I  created.  The hair can be colored or toned to match perfectly and seamlessly and layered to create custom color combos. 

The proven method I use is different, keeping the integrity of the hair the highest priority. No heat. No adhesive. No beads that show. *Now offering invisible bead method!

90% LESS TENSION on your natural hair.  

This process takes time so hair is custom ordered for each client and can take 3-14 days to arrive.  Sew in extensions are semi-permanent and our hair lasts an average of 6-12 months depending upon quality of care. 


I only offer the highest quality of hair, 100% Remy human hair (depending on your hair texture).  I partner with several amazing hair companies but I have my favorites!!!  I have been wearing one brand for well over 3 years.  It is longer lasting, the thickest hair on the market and more versatile on texture matching.  Stylists, you can message me to get a wholesale account set up if you're looking for a great company to partner with!



18” Hand Tied Wefts = $75 each

22" Hand Tied Wefts = $90 each

24-26" Hand Tied Wefts = $110 each

*not all colors available in 24-26"

I do not upcharge hair as I do not own the hair companies. 

This is meant to keep the service and product as reasonably priced as possible.

*Price Subject to change at any time.

Other extension types available for custom quote.


1 row, cut & style - $375 +hair cost

2 rows, cut & style - $600 +hair cost

3 rows, cut & style - $750 +hair cost


*this is for after a total removal and a reinstall after a color or Brazilian Blowout, etc

1 row - $275

2 rows - $500

3 rows - $650



* Hair color will be priced separately.

*My highly trained and monitored team will perform color services and move ups if needed.

*Exact cost and needs will be determined at a consult. 

*Consults are $50 and if deposit is paid and an install is booked at the time of consult, the $50 is waived or applied to install appointment.


* 6-10 week maintenance appointments required

*Includes style but washes are booked separately

$150 for 1 row

$250 for 2 rows

$350 for 3 rows

 Removal = $40





​*Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance

*No shows or late cancellations will result in a 50-100% charge of services

*Over 15 min late will require a reschedule

*No refunds on any deposits and hair will be used on another client if install is

not scheduled install within 90 days of consult

*2 no shows will result in termination of services 

*Holds good for 90 days

If you decide you want to get the extensions, I require the quoted deposit amount.   This is collected at your consultation and is non-refundable.  The balance is then collected at install and must be scheduled within 3 months of consultation.  

If hair color is required, you will be asked to schedule a color appointment with my team.

Usually hair is received within 3-5 business days and installs can be set up within a 1-2 weeks of consult.  


After care instructions, recommended products, The Wet brush and my help will keep your hair looking beautiful!  


Hand tied extensions include a total take out and reinstall by row.  This does NOT include a wash and dry. We would love to book that for you with one of my team members if you wish!


If you do not move the hair up, the hair will bunch, mat and put too much tension on your hair  and could start breaking.  It is very important to remove the hair that has shed so it will not tangle or mat.

ashley new headshot.jpg

Ashley Bryan

Courtyard Salon: Back Studio

Ashley Bryan Stylist & Co.

By Appointment Only

Certified Hand Tied Halo Extension Artist.

Extension Specialist.

Brazilian Blowouts.


2 Ten Studios & 2 Ten Salon, Owner/Stylist

IG @ashleybryanstylist


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