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*Don't panic if your scalp is SLIGHTLY irritated , itchy or sore for a few days.  This is very common but usually subsides 1-3 days after install. Itch can be caused from the small return hairs on the hand tied wefts.


*Don't pull or try to detangle above the rows...more than likely you are pulling your natural hair out of the bead or causing tangling.  Book a Hand Tied Check Up online with me if you are concerned.

*Don't* go to sleep with your hair wet or damp. That will promote tangling and twisting. THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!

*Don't* keep your hair extensions in longer than 10 weeks without a maintenance visit. That will warrant a total removal and reinstall fee.

*Don't* apply chemicals such as, relaxer and colors on your own. Seek professional service. My team offers all color and chemical services.  Ask me if you are unsure.

*Don't* remove your extensions on your own! This will absolutely invoke breakage and accidental cutting of your own hair. 

 *Don't* USE A VOLUMIZING SHAMPOO! Volumizing shampoos raise the cuticle of hair and can cause tangling/dryness.

 *Don't* swim in salt/chlorine water without spraying a leave in conditioner or applying coconut oil/leave in conditioner to mid strands and ends of hair and then braid back.  Sew in wefts are better if conditioned and put up in a neat bun.  Rinse out salt or chlorine immediately.

*Don't* pull or brush too hard when wet or pull up too tight.  This stresses your scalp and the tracks and could encourage breakage.  BE NICE to your hair!

*Don't* Apply conditioners or oils directly on the top of the tracks as it promotes sliding.

*Don't* bleach or over work toners into extensions.  Keep hair in a natural direction.


*Do* Braid or put your hair in a soft low ponytail using a scrunchie, not a rubber-band, before going to bed at night.  A low pony tail at your nape works great or side braids.

*Do* Brush your extensions with an extension safe brush at least twice a day.  The Wet Brush Flex is great.

*Do* Detangle hair before washing, from the ends first, brush lightly! 
Hold your hair firmly when brushing so that you do not pull your bonds. 
Brush below bonds. Remember your extensions are attached to your own natural hair, pulling too hard or mistreating your extensions can result in your own hair being pulled out.


*Do* Keep an eye on your hair daily to make sure you do not get any mattes/knots in your hair. Proper brushing will prevent them from matting.

*Do* Expect some shedding from your extensions, that is normal! Also split's real hair. 

*Do* Make regular maintenance appointments every 6-8 weeks and have your extensions professionally removed when you are ready.

 *Do* Deep condition. Once a week you want to deep condition your hair extensions. Leave it on the hair (mid strand to ends) for approximately 20 to 30 minutes and rinse. This extra TLC will give your hair an extra moisturizing boost.  

 *Do* Use a heat protectant (Sulfate and Ammonia free). Just about everyone uses heated appliances on their hair. Whether it’s a blow dryer, curling iron or flat iron,  This simple step will prevent breakage, keeping your hair looking great and lasting much longer.  The Sabastian Dark Oil is highly recommended and is a great heat protectant as well as so many other uses!!!!  ASK ME!

 *Do* Wash your extensions every 3 to 4 days. This will prevent them from getting dried out due to over shampooing and conditioning. (You don't need to be washing your hair everyday, it's better for your extensions, and your own natural hair!!) 


PRO TIP: Please blow-dry your hair however, make sure to keep the high heat away from the bonds. Also, keep hair in a downward, natural position when blow-drying, never upside down. Getting a shampoo/blow out from a stylist (me! or any licensed professional who is familiar with extensions) once a week is AMAZING.... TIP: Air dry for a 30 min then dry roots 70% and section off to give yourself a smooth blow out.

Brushing Your Extensions 
Brush your new Extensions at least two times a day, preferably with a Wet brush. Brush the ends of your extensions gently first, then work your way upward toward the link/tape/bond area, brushing in a downward motion. Avoid pulling or tugging the hair, especially near the link/tape/bond areas. 

Washing Your Extensions 
Tilt your head back and start at the scalp and work to the ends with shampooing hair. Massage the hair gently, and try your very best to get in between each row, if you have to section hair in half, do it.

Rinse hair with cool/luke-warm water and be careful to remove all shampoo to prevent residue, buildup, and dandruff.

Condition below the bond/tape/link only. Conditioner can weaken and remove bonds if directly applied on them.

Pat hair dry with a towel. Apply your Sabastian Dark Oil (this is a heat protectant and helps dry hair faster).  

Let air dry for a bit before blow drying.  When you blow-dry, remember to not pull or tug your extensions and keep direct heat off the bonds!  Blow dry in a downward motion.  Do not blow dry upside down.

Blow dry until hair is about 80% dry then section by rows, focusing on top of row where wefts are stacked together and blow dry smooth.
What products should you use?

You should use mild shampoo with low or no sulfates, ammonia, and alcohol free.

A leave in conditioner.

An oil (for wet & dry hair).



- Sabastian Dark Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

- B3 Extension Repair Shampoo & Conditioner

- Eleven Australia Repair Shampoo & Conditioner


- Eleven Australia Dry Shampoo Spray

- Oligo Blacklight Dry Shampoo

- Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo 

- Living Proof Dry Shampoo or Dry Volume Spray


- Eleven Australia Miracle Hair Treatment

- Eleven Australia Miracle Hair Mask for deep conditioning

- Sabastian Dark Oil (A MUST!) Heat protectant, tames, repairs, softens and speeds drying (use wet and dry)

Conditioning your ends is also very important to keep your new extensions soft and manageable.   Your commitment and care is the MOST important thing to successful extension maintenance so ask me anything and I will coach you through it!

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